Ingrid's Artwork

October 15th and 16th, 2016, artist and web designer, Ingrid Kast Fuller, participated in the Second Annual Kerrville Chalk Festival. The sponsors of the 6´ by 6´ square were Sylvia & Dan Ostos and Brenda & Bryant Williams. Katie Phillips was the artist's assistant.

The Second Annual Kerrville Chalk Festival was full of talented artwork, music, food and fun for the whole family.

Ingrid Kast Fuller Artwork - Kerrville Chalk Festival 2016

Artist and web designer Ingrid Kast Fuller recently participated in the First Annual Kerrville Chalk Festival, June 6 & 7th, 2015, which drew over 6000 attendees in Kerrville, Texas. The sponsor of the square was Pioneer Bank.

Ingrid Kast Fuller Artwork - Kerrville Chalk Festival 2015

At the Via Colori Street Painting Festival in 2011, Ingrid chose to draw a Piano Man inspired by musician Billy Joel's song "Piano Man". She used both the wet paint and by hand methods.

Painting Festival 2011 
©Photo by Gary Nathanson

Ingrid Kast Fuller Artwork - CityScope Sponsored Square at Houston Via Colori 2011

CityScope Net sponsored a square at the Houston Via Colori Street Painting Festival in 2010 and 2011.

Artist Ingrid Kast Fuller created the 4´ x 4´ Cone Flower by painting the chalk with a brush using a Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle crushing the chalk and mixing with water like paint.

Ingrid Kast Fuller Artwork - Coneflower at Houston Via Colori 2010

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